Aaron Weisz is an Associate Producer at 60 Minutes. He began his career as an intern on the broadcast gaining hands-on experience while working on breaking news segments including an Emmy Award winner on the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and a duPont award-winning investigation on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

After graduating from Northwestern University in 2010, he started as a page at 60 Minutes Overtime during its first season. When Scott Pelley became the anchor of the CBS Evening News in 2011, producer Nicole Young hired him to work with her on projects at both the CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes. In this dual role, Weisz worked on over 50 Evening News pieces and a dozen 60 Minutes pieces – winning an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Research in 2012 for his work on Hard Times Generation and another as a co-producer in 2013 for Outstanding Business and Economic Reporting in a News Magazine for his contributions to the piece Hard Landing.

In 2013, he moved back to 60 Minutes full-time as an associate producer working with producer Robert Anderson. There he won four more Emmy awards including, 2015 Emmy for Best Writing and Best Feature for his work as a co-producer on The Shooting at Chardon High; 2015 Outstanding Business and Economic Reporting as a co-producer for Over a Barrel an investigation into the BP Oil Spill claims process; and 2016 Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story for his efforts as a producer on Paris Attacks that chronicled the ISIS attack in France told by witnesses and investigators.


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